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PLEASE allow me to keep formatting while copy/pasting

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PLEASE allow me to keep formatting while copy/pasting

CC used to do this, but now all of a sudden, when I copy and paste text from anywhere else, it doesn't change it to the format that's in CC anymore. THIS IS A HUGE WASTE OF TIME!!! PLEASE fix it, otherwise there's no point in being able to copy templates because you just have to reformat everything again. Please please please fix this soon -- it's sucking so much of my time.

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Hi @EvaB

Can you give me an example of an email name this happened in recently? Where are you pasting from when this happens? 


Hi EvaB,


It happens in every single email, and it's when I copy and paste from anywhere. It's a problem that Constant Contact has long known about. Others are complaining, too.

CTCT Employee
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Since we haven’t heard back from you I’m marking this idea as closed.