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Please allow Customization of SUBJECT fields in EMAIL LINKS again. You used to allow this feature, but it seems as if it is no longer available in most of the templates you now offer. I see this as a huge downgrade from the features you used to offer. My husband and I use Constant Contact to share future concert dates with our fans. Some of the concert venues do not have websites, and only offer email addresses for potential audience members to contact the concert hosts. In these instances, we use an email link instead of a weblink. — We used to be able to design the email link with a customized subject field that included the date of the concert, our names, and the name of the concert venue - to make things easier for the potential audience member, as well as for the concert host. I was very disappointed when this email-customization feature was disabled and no longer offered. — Please offer Customization of Email Subject Fields again. — Also, fwiw, I think it would also be a huge improvement to able to Track Clicks on Email Links. That would be VERY helpful for growing our list and tracking interest in a particular geographic region. Currently, we are only able to track clicks on website links, but not on email links. -Please offer Tracking on EMAIL link clicks. Thank you, Amy White (& Al Petteway) AlandAmy.com Fairewood Studios, LLC P.S. I find it rather bizarre and terribly annoying that a company that specializes in the sending of emails refuses to allow their own customers to contact them by email - or, at the very least, makes it very difficult to reach them. I don’t always want to be involved in a “chat” - and I do not like having to “post to the community” simply to offer suggestions for improving service or to complain about the lack of service.
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Hello @AmyW10 If I understand your question fully it is possible to create a mailto link with a subject line prepopulated using some HTML. This Knowledge Base article will show you how to insert the proper code.


If you need further assistance please let us know.



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