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Your help page shows how to add the Paypal button but it can not be done on my email campaign. I called help desk they told me I have a new updated editor and this feature is not available on this update. I feel as I was miss guided to sign up for your service. You are advertising a feature thats not available for me to use.
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For the mobile templates, will payment buttons be avail? I don't see them as an option at this point.

Thanks for posting this feedback!

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The new format makes it impossible to sell a product without a PayPal button. Please update asap! Thank you.

I'm trying to set-up a club to use the subscription service on PayPal.  I cannot insert the html code into the editor.  PayPal does not offer this type of payment in the link form.


We need a way to insert PayPal html or link to PayPal buttons we have created.

I am trying to use the templates you now have but there is no Paypal buttons available. A bit frustrating
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 @LindaT39 Thank you for the feedback.  I apologize for the frustration you have had with this issue.  I have passed your comments on to the product team.


There is no way anymore to add the paypal links in the same clear fashion as it was possible with the second generation.
As a 501(c)3 we depend on donations.
Need an quick fix to make this option available asap.


This is probably a waste of time but you used to be able to do paypal and other donor buttons on a newsletter, now your company wants extra money to do so. I will never recommend you to anyone else and will likely go elsewhere when my year is up. You "used" to have a good product.



You used to make it SUPER easy to take PayPal payments via Constant Contact. I used the feature several times many years ago. Now since the "upgrade", apparently that's no longer an option. WHY????? Please add the PayPal functionality back in the way it used to be. PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!

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constnat contact, after 15 years, is now useless to me. unless i use the old template. the new template that no longer includes paypal is useless to me. off to mail chimp i go.


Hi all. While I do not have an update regarding this integration, we have an article to link a PayPal URL for a checkout or shopping cart page in order for you to sell items. Please view our Knowledge Base article to see how this can be achieved. 


Allow us to put PayPal html into the email.  I had to put the button on our webpage, and then link to it.  I would rather put the coding directly into the email.  We already have 4 sources where we get our money and I don't want to add your method.

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