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Permanent removal from trash

Please consider adding as empty trash feature. Fully understand there is no limit but completely deleting campaigns works better. Especially if multiple users use same account. Thank you

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I would like to be able to delete useless trashed emails. Please provide enhancement to do so.

Thanks for sharing this feedback!

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You need to give us the power to permanently delete our campaigns in the Deleted area. Or give us the ability to change the names of the Deleted campaigns in the Deleted area without having to Restore them, Edit the name, Re-save them, Delete them again just so the name of the campaign does not match another campaign. Way too many clicks and a waste of time.

Thanks for sharing this feedback! 

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We would like to permanently delete old files that are in the Trash. There is no option to 'permanently delete' these files that are trashed... the only option allowed is to 'restore'. We would like to have this feature available so no old/bad files can be restored.

Thanks for posting your feedback!

Please Please Please!!!! Please allow us to delete old campaigns from the trash. The ability to recover things from the trash if they have accidentally be moved there is great - but once things are there, they should be able to be discarded. PLEASSSEEEE!!!

Thanks for sharing this feedback!

How do we delete the deleted campaigns? These still show in the Drafts in the Constant Contact Toolkit app which pretty much renders the app useless because these are in the way. Please tell me how to delete these? I want them GONE or I wouldn't have deleted them!

Hi @EncouragementCafe 

Thanks for posting. At this time you cannot delete from the deleted area. The campaigns will show only in this area of the account.


Thanks for sharing your feedback!

That's not true - they show in the Drafts in the iphone app - so I can't find my real drafts for searching through my deleted drafts - this is a big deal - please enable this to be done asap


Thanks for clarifying about the app. You are correct that they will all show in the mobile application but this is a good idea for the future.

It's a good idea for now.  The app is unusable if we can't delete all those drafts permanently. 


I agree! I want to name another campaign the same thing I named a campaign that is in the trash but it won't let me :(

How do we empty the trash?

yes, PLEASE add the Empty Trash Feature. You can add three {are you sure's} to make sure the user means it. At the end of the day we're all adults and with adulthood comes personal responsibility. While I appreciate CC's heart to allow users to change their minds, at the end of the day it's the responsiblity of the user to be responsible in what is kept and what is trashed. We now have multiple users in the same account and there's a LOT of clutter. Love CC - this is really the only part I dislike - thank you so much!

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have emails from 2008 why can't we delete old old old emails
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I would like to be able to delete emails that were never used. It's not a bad plan to keep them for a short time in case they were deleted in error, but please remove them at some time, perhaps after 6 months at the maximum.
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The main reason we've allowed deleted emails to remain in the trash is so that they can be restored if they are deleted accidentally. I appreciate you taking the time to let us know how your views and feedback. I will pass this request along.

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There's really no way to permanently delete a capaign that I tried to delete? This is the most asinine thing I've ever encountered.