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Please consider adding as empty trash feature. Fully understand there is no limit but completely deleting campaigns works better. Especially if multiple users use same account. Thank you

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Hello @user756829 


There isn't currently a way to permanently delete campaigns. There is a feature request to have to ability to do so that we are looking to possible add in the future. Currently, if you are needing to remove a campaign or link within a campaign permanently you can call into our support team for assistance. 

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Might someone tell me how I can permanently delete campaigns/messages? They're kind of irritating me just sitting in that delete box.
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This seems to be a very basic yet valuable user need. (As evidenced by this thread, amungst many others.)

I can't mention how may times I've had to come up with silly name iterations for campaigns because the name I needed was used for a campaign I had to trash.


I highly doubt the CC dev team would have any problem implimenting a delete feature. What's the hold-up? Is this something we should expect in future updates, or has CC decided it's just not in the cards?

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I would like to completely remove the deleted campaigns, but I could not find an option to do that. I only see the RESTORE option.

Still waiting for the ability to empty my trash...  sigh...


I can't create a new campaign with the same name as a deleted campaign because deleted campaigns are actually deleted.

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Please add an empty trash feature ASAP!

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Being a community (not a Business) 1.) When I delete a campaign, I expect it to be removed or I should be able to remove them permanently from the deleted folder. 2.) I deleted a campaign and tried to recreate it, it told me that name was already used. If I delete a campaign, I should be able to assign that name to a new campaign. (I understand that, if I don't delete it, I can not reuse that name) any thoughts?
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Hello @Champions-Club-Community-Association,


Thank you for this feedback, I completely understand. At this time, emptying the trash or permanently deleting a campaign is not an option, and therefore the name of the campaign will also still be recognized as being used. I've gone ahead and added your feedback to the voting on requesting this to be allowed.

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I am John Sgro from Champions' Club Community Association.  We are a community (not a business).

I would like to request that you consider a couple of items to do with Campaigns.

1.) We have no way of permanently deleting Campaigns and after we delete a campaign, we can not use that name again.  I notice several people have requested being able to delete and reuse names before.(some from 2016 up to my request today)


2.) When we archive a campaign it is not removed from our current list. We send about 30-40 e-mails a month on average.  Our list will get very big.  I would like to see when we archive campaigns they are removed from the current list.


3.) I have created templates (drafts with (COPY ONLY) in the title.  It would be great if these could be under another type (like e-mail, automated e-mail, Templates)  This would help our users access them easier.


If you want to discuss these items, e-mail me and I will arrange a conference call.


John Sgro

Champions' Club


it's 2018 and still no way to do this simple feature

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Currently, there are 109 previous messages in the Deleted Folder and there is no way to get rid of them. They are just taking up memory. Please make it possible so that when I delete a message that it actually goes away.
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A quick search on how to permanently delete campaigns shows me that people have been asking the same question for years. I did not dig to much, but saw that it at least dates back to 2012. Seriously Constant Contact?!?!? You cannot add this simple feature that would make a lot of customers happy? I have no need to restore a campaign from 2014, nor do I need to have a staff member accidentally resend it because they are not as well versed with constant contact.

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These items have been 'deleted' but can be restored. i practiced therefore there are 30 deleted campaigns WHY can there be a method to permanently delete these?
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Please add the option to permanently removed deleted campaigns from the deleted items folder.  I don't have a single campaign that I need to save which is in the folder, and I prefer the option of being able to "clean the slate".  


The deleted folder is actually an archive folder. Which is dumb because I won't put something in deleted unless I'm willing to get rid of it. 

CC should rename it archive, append ARCHIVED to everything in it. And if people still want to delete add a trash bin. 


Same request. I can't believe people have been asking for this since 2016 and Constant Contact still hasn't added it. I honestly don't see what the problem is? Why won't you add this feature? Even if the Archived folder automatically deleted old campaigns after saving them for 6 months I think people would be happy. Your team has obviously decided for whatever reason it is better for you to not provide this option, and I would really like to know why. I'm sure others would like to know as well.


 There is one option for deleting old emails - find an alternative to Constant Contact. It's really too expensive anyway. 


On the "home" screen there is a delete folder and a counter of those deleted but it really doesn't delete campaigns. It would be very helpful to be able to permanently delete campaigns. for what we do we send multiple campaigns every school year with 4 different messages and they are the same general message with tweaks made each year depending on the information we get from the school. A constant contact from 2015 is something we would like to permanently delete as those 15-20 constant contacts are obsolete and only taking up room which makes it confusing and cluttered for the next school year, especially when dealing with the communication of over 50 schools.

How do I permanently delete items in the deleted file. We send out so many new emails each month that this file gets to large to work with when we accidently move an active to it. Hard to find a recently deleted in order to restore. Thanks, Janice
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