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Photo Collage/ slideshows

I insert photos in every e-mail we send (we are an event florist).  Sometimes I have to create a collage on another site then upload it because the layouts in Constant Contact don't allow for cohesive photo sharing!!  Would love an option to insert a photo collage or slideshow to showcase our floral designs :) Thanks for the consideration!:smileywink:


My client saw this feature in a competitor's email and asked me to implement something similar. The platform used by the competitor is **Removed By Moderator**


Thanks for posting this feedback!

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I have the same issue. Strange that Constant Contact doesn't have something as basic as a took for photo collages. I also create the collage elsewhere and then import, which is a waste of time.

One graphic box with multiple graphics scrolling at a rate determined by the sender.  Should also cut down on the size of some emails.  Too many of mine are getting cut off because of length.


Just received this email from HMO.  The top rolling box is awesome.  Love to see that in CC


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Any new updates on scrolling photo bar or slideshow in CC? Real Estate Client dying to get this done in CC...I can be a hero :) Help?


We want to see this feature added, too. Thank you.


Not sure if this was ever resolved but is there some sort of gallery option for images. Would like to have one image box but with multiple photos that can be auto scroll or click to scroll through 

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Create a gif with multiple images and insert as a photo. 

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In regard to the comment from SarahD637 it's interesting that the moderator thinks it necessary to block the name of the CC competitor that offers the composite photo gallery option. What is the purpose of this?

Count me in as someone who would like to see this feature added. 

Count me in as someone who would like to see this feature added. 


I want the same thing for my business.  I very much want a template for a picture collage.


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Because of how images display in an email on mobile (taking up the entire screen), it would be really cool to have a module that let you choose multiple images that then rotated/shuffled within the same area. Sometimes we want to show off 3-4 images, but then that makes the reader have to scroll for a while and can cause them to lose interest in the email. This would be awesome!

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We would also like to see this feature added. Plus, seems petty to redact the name of the competitor software that does have the feature...

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Since this thread started in 2016 or 2015 it seems likely CC is not going to integrate the feature. None of their employees have even commented on it, which they usually do when an obviously important feature is under discussion. I wish they would just tell us when this is the case, rather than stringing us along.

But in this situation they are completely silent.


Please write code that will enable one to integrate photos into a moving gallery i.e. slide show.

Thank you very much.