Physical Address 'Name' field not long enough

The Physical address 'Name' field appears to be 30 or 31 chars-- but I need more than that. My entry is truncated, although the text box size is sized to allow more chars.
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@CynthiaK828 Thank you for the feedback.  I apologize that you are having this issue.  You are correct the character limit is currently set to 30 characters.  I will bring this up with the product team.

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CC use long text fields throughout your contact and feedback forms, so why wouldn't you allow this option for your customers??


Sorry for the lack of response. This one is a little bit of a clunky experience. The only place the 30 character limit seems to be enforced is on the Scheduling page of campaigns. If you are in the edit mode of a campaign and edit the footer, you can change the organization name/address to exceed that limit. This can also be set to longer in the default address in your My Settings section. It looks like we up'ed the limit, but missed a screen in doing so. Leaving this open for now until we can close the loop on that last screen.

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