Please add date and more detail to newsletter archive

The new archive page needs more customization. At the very least, I would find it most useful if we could add in the date the newsletter was sent - right now it defaults to subject line only, including the sent date would be a big help.

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Please add the Campaign Title to the feed along with Date.  This would at least give us the information we need that was previously available in the auto archive page template.

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It would be great to have an option to display the send date on the generated HTML output of the archives. This could be a global setting or a hidden attribute on the link that could be displayed with CSS, etc.

It would be great if there was an "order by" option ... Currently its displaying the oldest first.  I would prefer it to display the latest at the top / down.  Definitely need some "options" on how this is displayed, and the date would be great to show as well.  Ditto!

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I have posted an archive of past newsletters on our website using the widget - see bottom of - but it might be much more useful if they were in date order, and with the date showing in the list. So people can see the latest newsletter without opening up every single one. Can you please add this to it?


Our weekly newsletter has the same subject line every week. It's what our subscribers look for. However, it is singularly unhelpful to have just the subject line show up in the newsletter archive. In fact, it renders the archive useless as there is no context in the list. This really needs to get fixed.


Yes I would definitely like to be able to edit the link text or subject text for archived emails ... it is almost impossible to get everyone to be consistent as the campaign names are created, and this would allow it to be organized in the archives later.  In particular right now if the subject is the same then all the links are the same with no way to distinguish the date.  It would also be nice if the link text had an option to include a date, which should also be editable if necessary.

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