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Please fix your site to work from iPad safari

It is very frustrating when I travel or am not in my office that I can't use your site. PLEASE fix it so I can edit from Safari on my IPad. Your app is terrible and I can't put the multiple images and backgrounds, etc on it. The other program I need for work only works on an IPad. I don't want to carry multiple computers every where I go. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix this problem!
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 CC's incompatibility with Safari also causes problems for end users.  When they try to register for an event, it only retains email address on the first go-round.  After the user inputs his/her name, contact info, etc., and hits "register" this lousy software kicks back a message to do it again.  It works on the second try, but this is a pain in the *** for our members.  If there were an alternative to Constant Contact, I would switch in a heartbeat. 

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Hey @LouranaH, thanks for reaching out! We currently offer an app for the iPad as well as iPhone and Android devices. These would allow you to create and schedule campaigns on your iPad. You can find them through the links on this page.

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