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Please support foreign characters

Please work to support foreign characters. Chinese audience is a sizeable chunk of business and for such a large email management tool it is strange that you cannot support it. thanks.

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In Canada, many words and phrases come from the French and appropriate accents are expected.. like the word resume (has different meanings for programmers or job hunters if the accent is not there)

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Now why can't I do that in one of your emails?????

I sell wine, and often use french / European words /names in the subject line. Lately I've had a few of these Email subject lines be with weird characters, for example instead of Chateauneuf du Pape, I get Châteauneuf-du-Pape, or for the simple word Rosé I instead get Rosé. This is rediculous that they do not have this corrected yet and require me to go find something called a UTF8 which is something I am NOT interested in. The agent offered nothing to me for this dumb issue (making me look ignorant in my emails having to spell things the American incorrect way). I wonder if Mail Chimp has this issue?? I thought Constant contact worked with an international market place.

Also, it definitely looks like spam to any of my recipients servers with characters like this in the subject line.  Really bad.  Also, I do not see how to edit my already posted feedback.  In being annoyed here, I mispelled Constant Contact.


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@SabrinaK203 I apologize that you have been experiencing an issue with your subject lines.  Those characters should be supported.  Do you type the subject line in directly or do you sometimes copy and paste it from another source?  Do you notice it happens in some cases and not others?  Would you be able to provide me specific examples of subject lines you have used in the past that have not displayed correctly so I can do some additional testing?


Hyphens are not en dashes! Please fix.


Hello @MelissaS95


Thank you for your feedback! I am tracking this information on your account and submitting it over to our engineering department for review. Have a wonderful Wednesday! 


We run graduate programs in creative writing and publishing. The em dash matters to our newsletter recipients because they are careful readers. A lack of em dashes limits our writing ability (the em dash serves real purposes for writers), and to substitute hyphens would make our readers cringe. Thanks for your time on this matter.


Hi @MeghanM28. Em dashes can be added into emails created in our newer editor. I saw that you're using our legacy editor which does not accept these so it might be worth checking it out!

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Hi @Caitlin_M, So how does one add an em dash in the new editor? Are other symbols supported as well?


Hi @JudyW6533. It can be copied and pasted in or entered in using coding. This depends on your computer and we don't have an insert feature for this type of special character so it would need to be entered manually on your end. We support many other characters and have subscript and superscript available. Please see our Knowledge Base article for more information regarding inserting special characters

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Please enable the full use of macrons in text. It seems ū is blocked (u with a macron). Strangely āēīō are all fine, but ū is not allowed. This makes emails in Te Reo Māori a bit weird as I have to use the incorrect diacratic for the u.

I am a huge supporter of Constant Contact but I cannot believe that this issue hasn't been addressed yet. Given that we live in a global economy and that we are often addressing audiences that speak different languages, it is shocking to me that there isn't an easy way to insert accent marks. Please tell me that I've somehow missed this. I found an old thread going back several years asking that this be addressed. I'm sure you have had many requests for this. Is this fix on its way?

Please incorporate a Turkish character set so that emails to a Turkish audience look more professional! Thank you.
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