Poor Navigation on IPAD

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Poor Navigation on IPAD

OMG designing an email with constant contact on an IPAD is like having every computer virus u can possibly get.. I've lost data .. And almost an hour of time

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In this day and age I can't work with my email provider on my IPAD!,,

HI @SuzetteL330

I am sorry to hear this. Can you tell me more about the experience? Were you trying to take a specific action in your account when this happened?

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Still don't have functionality on Ipads. Right now, all I'm trying to do is search my contacts to make sure someone is receiving my emails. Blank screen. Says - Loading briefly then nothing. Refreshed, closed out, logged in, nothing.
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Working with CC on iPad is a royal pain!!!

font option box won't get out of the way

commands such as backspace get executed multiple times 

can't insert link easily

content jumps around, disappears

cutting / pasting almost impossible 

link to newsletter doesn't work, gives error message