Preheader Text in Preview page, Schedule page and Email details page... please

The only option we have right now of seeing the Preheader text is when creating a new campaign. We've run into some issues when reusing a previous campaign and changing the Preheader text has been overlooked. It would be nice to be able to see the Preheader text in the preview screen and test emails... Right now you can't see it. You can't even see it when getting ready to send the campaign. You see all of your email info when getting ready to send... Subject Line, List, To, From, etc... but no Preheader text.


We recently sent out a large campaign that three different people proofed, but failed to catch an incorrect Preheader text because it doesn't appear when sending a test. The only time you see it or enter it is on the actual edit page, but it's easy to miss. 


Please add the Preheader text to the Preview and/or Test emails. Would be nice to see it in the summary as well before you send your campaign. Thanks!

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 @Trillium-2015 this is a great idea.  I have opened this this topic for voting.

With the redesign of the sent emails section, it is now impossible to see what the sent email's preheader was. This was available on the old system, could it be implemented on the new system too?
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yes this is one of the easiest places to make an error because there is really no way to double-check it as things stand now.

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It would be very helpful to be able to see the preheader line on the final page when scheduling an email. Oftentimes I don't even think about the header until I get to this page, and then I miss the preheader altogether, and have been pretty embarrased a few times when the preheader says something totally unrelated to the email. I would rather have no preheader option than to not have it available on the final review/scheduling page.

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There doesn't seem to be any way to even view the preheader text from already sent emails. It seems like this would have a big impact on open rates. 


Yes yes yes! Not seeing the preheader on the schedule page is an invitation to disaster, especially if you use master templates or are copying a previous campaign. Also, not seeing the subject and preheader in campaign preview is just as bad. There is no reason for not having that information available on the schedule and preview pages.


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You need to find a way that the subject line and preheader can be displayed when you finish your campaign and set it up to mail out, so you can double check your work. Also the preheader should show in the report.

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