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Preheader programming needs a correction

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Preheader programming needs a correction

Good morning! I love using Constant Contact but notice that if I use an apostrophe in my preheader it adds characters that don't make sense and look unprofessional on my end. I've attached a screen shot of what I'm referring to.


 Glitch in the preheader.jpg

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@USMB I apologize you are having this issue.  What you are seeing is the HTML hex code for an apostrophe, obviously this is not intended. Can I ask if you copy and paste the preheader text from a different source or are you typing it in directly?  Also which email clients have you seen it display like this?  Any additional information you can give me will be helpful.

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I typed it in the original email, but since this is a monthly newsletter I usually copy the previous email and the pre-header doesn't change. I use Outlook which is where I see the hex code. Gmail doesn't show the pre-header. It has always done this in my preview emails, but it usually corrects itself when the real email is sent. This is the first time I've seen it on the original email. Thanks.

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@USMB Thank you for the additional information.  I will bring this issues up with the product team.  I appreciate you responding back. 

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I appreciate the Constant Contact team and I'm glad to help when possible.

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