Prevent Action Block Thank You Page from Opening in New Tab

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So, I have two RSVP's and a Trivia question on my newsletter. Everytime a person RSVP's the page redirects. Instead of redirecting to a page, it'd be cleaner and probably greatly appreciated by your users to either provide inline responses that are fixed to the top of the section or popup modals. This is a relatively easy fix and shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to write the class in your CSS and replace your PHP redirect with that class. Hope you are able to update this soon, It'd be a valued improvement.

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Your latest updates are a disaster for developers. We can no longer get access to the full embed code to style the forms exactly as we wish.


We can't even add a forwarding page after signup for free downloads or just a custom welcome page.


This is a massive step back!


You need to revert.....Please revert


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If you could at least add a new field to the in-line form allowing a URL to forward to after submitting. I used to do this in the embedded code that I had access to.

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Hello @JacquelineP3370,


Thank you for providing this feedback! I've gone ahead and passed it along.

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