Prevent automatic image sizing on mobile view

Please undo the automatic resizing/expanding of images in the mobile version. It was working fine before. We prefer to have control over whether the image stretches to the width of the page or not. Some images look terrible expanded, taking up 2/3 of the screen and rendering the text less significant.

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Hi @TommyT80 thank you for following up with these details and screenshots! Our mobile responsive templates cause images uploaded at a large size to resize and fit the screen full width.  To help stop this from happening users can resizing images outside of Constant Contact to be 150-200 px wide and upload this more manageable size into your Library.

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I don't think there is really any "confusion"--at least not on the users' end. It's just that Constant Contact can't seem to understand that an image, for example a 150px wide button, should not be enlarged in mobile view to fill the mobile device width. Even if it wasn't just bulky and ugly in the layout, it gets blurry when enlarged that much. Same problem people have mentioned with thumbnail headshots. You need to allow us to specify a width for image in mobile view!

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