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Whomever told you to make all those changes and not notify customers should be fired. I have wasted over 4 hours on a **bleep** holiday just to try to get what used to take minutes out to our following. The changes are not intuitive, huge waste of my time, and causing enough frustration that we may just move our account. I don't want to spend hours on tutorials. I want to get in, copy, paste, update and be done. Your changes have made that virtually impossible. The rep, Nikki, was wonderful, but your new program is a 0 on scale of 1-10 with 10 as best. Next time, actually TALK to your customers than some idiot who thought more bells, whistles and hassles were a good idea.

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Hi @PattyP51 we're sorry to hear you feel this way about the changes we have made in our system! What specific changes do you find to not be intuitive? Having any details on this or what steps you would like to see instead is helpful information to pass on to our Product Team.

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