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My clients want to use one tool for sending their blog posts via email - as well as doing email newsletters. I have been asking for this feature for years, and it is because I loose more potential Constant Contact clients because of this feature not being available. Today, Brooke encouraged me to email through this form to ask about whether you will ever get the RSS-To-Email feature. 

It would be really helpful if Constant Contact had an automatic RSS feed for our weekly emails so that they could automatically populate to our church's website and to our church's app. The big trend right now is for churches to develop apps. By not having the church's emails linking directly to it, members may not have the latest version of the emails available when they are "on the go."

Hi there,

Actually this is a question as I've been searching high and low how to integrate my last blog posts.

You have addressed this issue here:

But on my interface I CANNOT find this option (see picture):screenshot bug.png



And there is nothing on Option Left Bar either... How can I have access to RSS feed insertion please?

I have a Bluehost Wordpress site and I'm a blogger and it would be amazing for my blogs to transfer over into the email page automatically. Thank you!

@MadelynL76 Thank you for your feedback. I understand how this would be a nice feature for you and our other users.  I will pass this feedback on to our product team.


Seriously, plugins to automatically send emails out when you post a new blog article, why can constant contact not make this plugin???! We pay money to constant contact, why can't you develop this wordpress plugin that soooooooo many people are asking for?! I have seen questions about this dating back to 2011!!! Really?! In 8 years you can't figure out how to do this?!We don't want to create a new campaign every week when we post new blog articles! It's 2018...hello...automation! PLEASE!


4 months later and no news on this?  Really, why do we pay for CC when this super important feature is available for free elsewhere?

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Translation to their response: I understand this is a needed feature that has been available for more than 10 years by our competitors. I understand that we may have offered something like it previously and took it away like we did the equally important ability to auto append UTMs when sending campaigns so you could track attribute website visits to you campaigns, and yes we realize that instead of innovating or even just doing the bare minimum to keep pace with our competitors in this very competitive market, we instead opt to ignore existing customers and the market and spend millions on tv advertising to burn and churn new customers instead of keep our existing ones happy. However, your feature request or idea is very important to us and we will pass it along to the devolpment/product teams. They only accept suggestion via a suggestion box which is dusty and covered in cobwebs  and someone told me that when they opened it the last time 10 years ago it functioned similarly as blackholr sending valid/needed/competitive suggestions to an alternate universe. Since this request was first made in 2011 we have our top minds working on it in the alternate universe and we anticipate to have this released along with mich other desperately needed features (without simply applying a bandaid solution) in about 10 years, we appreciate your patience and masochistic loyalty. The end. 


I have made several posts before, this is my fourth year in a row asking CC to please bring us a wordpress blog post plugin!!! It was here, about five years ago, then CC deleted this plugin and has refused to bring it back for 4 years. Another provider has this FREE and has this plugin, create a new blog post on wordpress and it automatically sends an email to your contact list with the blog post link. For all the millions of dollars this platform collects in monthly fees why have users been asking for 4 years for this plugin??? Going into the CC platform and creating a new email and then pasting in the link to a new blog post is not a workaround...that is me manually doing what a plugin could do for me automatically...if anyone from CC support chimes in on this post and gives this as a suggestion you should be fired. It is 2020...wordpress is the number one blog and website platform...please make a new blog post plugin this year!!! PLEASE!

It would be amazing to have a section where people can leave comments/ discussions in each blog published. Must have this feature SOON!

I am also looking for an automatic rss feed to email so as to turn my Wordpress events page into an email. 

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Currently on exactly for their RSS to Email function for both weekly and monthly newsletters; (am looking at as an alternative)


I'm surprised that CC doesn't have this feature.


Is there a reason why you do NOT have it?

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It would be great if we could use Constant Contact to feed our Blog posts and at the same time have an individual template design for doing this which would be separate from our routine mailings.  Does anyone have a suggestion for this or is CC contemplating doing this in the future?


Thanks, Joe


So it is 2021 and I am assuming the automated RSS feed from Wordpress to email subscriber list is not going to happen.

Is it because it takes too much processing power on the Constant Contact servers to check RSS feeds?  

I have multiple clients that create daily content on their website that they want to be emailed to their subscriber list.

Is there a better way to do this without having to manually create an email every day?

I thought this was a basic function for a paid account.


Wow. Pros have been requesting this feature in details for over 12 years and CC still has not implemented it, while another provider has had this for years. They are eating your lunch, folks.


CC; we are going on six years here requesting this feature, no news, no updates, I get on here once a year, every year, for six years, there is another thread going back 12 years, over a decade, your FREE competitor has this service. Seriously.

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CC not having this feature is absurd and puzzling. It is hard to imagine that they continue to ignore instituting a feature for Blg posts. It sure would be nice to get a detailed reply from CC.  Cheers, Joe .... the Glove Guru

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