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My clients want to use one tool for sending their blog posts via email - as well as doing email newsletters. I have been asking for this feature for years, and it is because I loose more potential Constant Contact clients to MailChimp because of this feature not being available. Today, Brooke encouraged me to email through this form to ask about whether you will ever get the RSS-To-Email feature. 

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Hello Bill,


I sent you an email at the address you provided earlier today.  I'll be happy answer your questions.



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We would like to apply the same solution on our blog also which we will start in next few week, we are working on it.


Can you please send me a link where i can read complete user manual and work on it step by step to make this happen a.s.a.p.???


My email is [removed by moderator]


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I removed your email address for security reasons.  I also wanted to let you know that I sent you an email with some additional information.  Most everything a developer would need to create an integration with Constant Contact can be found here on this site. We don't have step-by-step instructions for everything, but instead offer documentation on using our REST API services, as well as wrappers and sample forms, these developer forums, and developer email support.  I always recommend searching the forums initially, because the solutions to many common issues can be found there.



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Any more word on this?  I too am interested in this feature.  Thanks

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Hi Sabas,


This is still under review but I am passing along that you are also interested in this feature!


Keep the feedback coming guys! We love it! :)

Any progress here? We're also very interested in the automatic rss to email feature. Thanks!


Hi Leah,
I checked internally on this topic and it looks like this is something we are still looking into. We are collecting feedback for exactly how it work so your feedback is important to us. I've added your name to this request as well.


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It looks like Mail Chimp is doing this

Perhaps this will help you create this automatic rss feed to email option for us. Please let me know.






Even I am looking for this automatic rss feed to email option feature. Hoping CC can get it out asap. Thanks !

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So, this post started nearly 3 years ago. Is CC planning on creating this as a feature? With the explosion of websites being driven by Wordpress and other blog-style CRMs, it only makes sense to meet this demand. Or at least provide a better way than, hire a developer to use our API. If the "other guys" have been doing this for this long, why wouldn't CC join?

I can assure you, the newsletter is dead for my business. Real-time information, provided via email is what we need. 

I really thought when I downloaded the Wordpress plugin, that this is what I would get! 

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I am also looking for this feature. I am a long time Mailchimp user and cannot justify a move to Constant Contact with the automation... my subscribers like receiving their updated via email and it would be a lot of work for me to create a new email every time I post. PLease advise when you think the feature will be available. 


Thank you!




Hi, I am looking for this feature as well. Any news? I really don't want to use both mailchimp and Constant Contact, would love to continue to use CC for everything.




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I would also love the automatic feature on a weekly or monthly basis.  Thanks so much, Marissa for passing along our feedback!




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I want to be able to turn my newsletter into a blog RSS feed to add to my website!


Thanks for posting this feedback. At this time you can't turn your email into an RSS feed but you are welcome to include your blog posts in your emails. You also can share your email URL using the Archive product on your blog if you would like!

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Hello Cindi I have provided feedback below in regards to the questions that need to be answered by constant contact. Request: Cindi tried to set this up herself via the backend without any luck. Basically wants to have a newsletter link under the top navigation blog. that links to a blog page with all her constant contact newsletters. I couldn't find any details on this. Any suggestions? Wants to create an RSS feed for News Letters from I accessed the account and I couldn't see a way of exporting the newsletters. Somehow you would need to get all of your newsletters from your account and enter them as blog entries here What we need to ask Constant Contact is if they provide any API data for their newsletter, or possibly an RSS Feed function for third party sites to allow news letters to automatically show on your REWSite.


Thanks for posting!

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It would be useful if you can publish issues to an RSS feed for


As an IT support team we subscribe to feeds to quickly know about any expected issues so we can better support our business users.

Salesforce has this feature you can see here.


Top right corner.

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One of our main use cases for CC is to create an Events email newsletter from the RSS feed of our Events Calendar. The old blog-to-email feature did this nicely, and we are continuing to use the old interface for now. If/when we have to double-enter everything for our email newsletter once the old interface is turned off, that would be a lot of extra work for us. Please bring this feature to the new interface before turning off the old one.