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Re: 2019 Spring Refresh Sweepstakes

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Re: 2019 Spring Refresh Sweepstakes

It's great that CC keeps adding features, but why is it also taking away a capability that is important for some users?

My understanding is that the latest editor does NOT let the user fully control the ASCII or pure-text version of emails, instead sending a default version the user cannot edit. This can result in poorly formatted messages that are not attractive to the recipient, and thus reflect poorly on the sender.

Many of those on the lists I manage are on high-security networks that favor pure-text emails over HTML-rich versions, or include recipients who simply prefer text. Until now, I have always been able to fine-tune the text versions that CC sends out. The new editor seems to remove that capability. As much as i like Constant Contact, I can't justify staying with a service that forces me to send out emails that are counterproductive for a significant percentage of recipients.