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Re: We will be making some changes to the Community

I'm not sure if this is the right place for my comments.  My almost weekly phone calls to Constant Contact, wasting approximately 30-45 minutes each call, have only resulted in a suggested "work around" which may or may not work, or just a "we can't do that any more."   I've been a customer for almost 20 years and I am now giving serious thought to how I download all my contacts into a new mail service.  Something happened late last year that obliterated the ease of creating and distributing newsletters through Constant Contact.  To indent a paragraph, I have to type 5 periods and then change them to white so they fade into the background.  Inserting a video results in a preview of color bars instead of an image from the video.  The forward function is gone so when my emails are forwarded the format falls apart and looks amateurish.  The ability to change the background color of a text box is gone.  Divider lines can only be horizontal. I can appreciate that you are "continuing to improve the Community," but wish you would devote some time to improving the product I am paying for monthly.

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Hi @Rebecca-FRF 


Thank you for sharing your feedback on our email campaigns.  I apologize if any of the workarounds our support has provided for your experience are not the answer you were looking for. We recognize these are not solutions to defects or feature requests, they are something we suggest in the meantime. With that said, users are able to change the background color for a specific block as well as include vertical dividers. Where in your campaign were you looking for these features? As for the forward to friend ability, how would you expect this feature to work? Would allowing your recipients to forward a link to the webpage version via email be an acceptable solution?


Thank you Frankie.  Please give me the steps for changing the background color for a specific block. Two weeks ago I worked with one of your customer service reps who finally said it couldn't be done.  If it indeed can be done, I'd like to know the steps.  Ditto on the vertical dividers. I was told it couldn't be done. Actually, was told that twice.  Perhaps we could talk by phone and you can walk me through the process.  As to forwarding a email so it maintains its formatting, this function used to work so just going back to the way it used to work would be great.  Another issue is with the placement of blocks - sometimes the blocks don't always end up where I'm trying to place them - especially when moving them around when they are already created.


Hi @Rebecca-FRF 


You're welcome! Here are directions we have on how to change the background color for a specific block as well as insert blocks into your email that include vertical dividers. We have tracked your feedback on the forward to friend feature. Until then, formatting changes on an email when they are forwarded are caused by the email clients itself. I would suggest including a "View as Webpage" link in your email. Even if the email is altered, contacts can still view the unaltered version in a webpage through this link.