Recently Returned to CC and Very Disappointed. What am I paying for?

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I recently returned from a 3 year hiatus and I am now paying more for less.  What happened to all the tempate choices, where is the archive email features, why did it take me weeks to get my contacts reloaded because when I loaded the file the sytem turned everyone off as not having permissions?  


Very disappointed CC.  If I had known you had downgraded your services I never would have reactivated my account.  Now I need to find other options.

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Sorry you feel that way, TracyD81!
The truth is that it is so much easier to get fabulous results now than 3 years ago! If you have an existing list then there are a few things you want to do when uploading your list used on another email service provider. You also need someone to explain current best practices regarding templates and show you how to access what you need for archiving. 


I'm a Master Certified Constant Contact Solution Provider and have helped other large accounts return to Constant Contact successfully. I'll work with you one-on-one and show you new tricks and get you the answers you need. Contact me if you would like some assistance to get back to your business! 




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