Registration mark - need to have

Most companies have registered their products, etc. - it is part of their branding and they spend tremendous time and expense to get this - please have this as an option. It should not only be included but should be a raised, superscript symbol. Thanks
Status changed to: Voting Open

Thanks for the feedback @BijuV8.


We've opened this idea for voting while we look into how we can bring this feature to you.


In the meantime, here is a link with some more information on Registered and Trademark symbols.


As a workaround, you can copy/paste the desired symbol into your email.

Occasional Participant

It would be extremely helpful to have the option to superscript trademark and copyright symbols in the new template. Currently there is no way to do this (as we no longer have access to the code editor). We use these symbols frequently and it looks like an error on our part when they are not able to be superscripted. 

Frequent Participant

Please add registered trademarks and symbols or grant access to HTML code. The alt command doesn't work, and it looks weird copy and pasted since the symbol cannot superscript in CC. 

Status changed to: Coming Soon
Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes
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