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Request to Re-Implement the Anchor Tags

I would like to submit a request to re-install the anchor tag option for Constant Contact. My newsletter - and I'm sure there are many others - has some length to it, as well as many sections, and I believe having the anchor tags in addition to the table of contents would make navigation much easier for my readers. Organization and accessibility are priorities for this newsletter that I am creating, and I fear that readers will be annoyed by the amount of scrolling they will have to do to find certain sections. I was disappointed to learn that you had discontinued this feature, especially after I was reassured by one of your representatives when I bought your product that I could use anchor tags with the new set-up. Please consider re-implementing the anchor tags in the near future. Many of your users are counting on it. Thank you.
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Hi all. There is very limited support for anchors in email. Almost every mobile email client doesn't have support for it, and almost half of the most commonly used email clients are mobile.  With this in mind, support for anchors would be highly inconsistent and would create an unpleasant experience for your contacts. Please read our Knowledge Base article on why you should not use anchor links in your emails

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Kind of like how some templates have the left navbar. I know that the navbar implementation doesn't work well with mobile due to space constraints, but would love to be able to have links at the top that jumped down to sections below. We have a weekly newsletter and try to organize in order of importance, but users like the ability to jump down directly to the section that they want since the newsletter can get long.


Anchor tags should have the ability to have a name attribute, and headers should be able to have empty anchors with name attributes next to them.


This could be solved if we were able to directly edit the HTML.


Thanks for the beta!



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We are starting to create our newsletters with the new template(s). While we've have been trimming copy in the interest of good mobile content, we still have a variety of material, and would like to add an "Index" with links to "anchors" for each article. That way people can jump down to the articles that interest them, as with our previous newsletters. Thanks!!
Status changed to: New

Thanks for the feedback!

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In my newsletters I always use anchors on my headings and links to those anchors in my TOC at the top of the newsletter so people can go quickly to whatever article they want to read. Anchors would be doubly useful when reading on a mobile device so you don't have to keep scrolling and scrolling.
Status changed to: New
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Wish list: line-spacing options. (Newsletters can become VERY long without the ability to decrease line-spacing) More font size options. Code view. Workflow settings for global H1, H2, H3, etc Table of contents block - with the ability to click a heading and jump to that section of the newsletter. (Similar to a "read more" link that jumps to a particular article)
Status changed to: New
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The new editor that has been implemented is very limited, glitchy, and not compatible with some email clients, including Outlook and Gmail. I have just opened a second account for another community we've just started and it didn't give me a choice - just set me up with the new editor. The templates are not compatible with Outlook and don't appear as I've prepared them. Also, I can't drop photos/art anywhere within the text that I would like - it anchors in one place. WAY TOO HARD TO USE for experienced users! Perhaps this "upgrade" was rolled out too soon? I've asked them to adjust the new account to the "old" editor so that I can get my job done the way I need to. It would be nice to give people a choice - some people don't care that it's limited, others do. After contacting tech support I was sent a survey (she was great by the way) but when I tried to take the survey, it told me I had already taken it. I must say I was concerned when I saw that Constant Contact was purchased by another company. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. I've used this product for 15 years at three employers, and this is the first step backwards you've taken. I hope it's not a sign of things to come, or we will need to evaluate other options.
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I am producing a rather lengthy weekly e-mail. Spell check and anchor links would be extremely helpful!
Would like to be able to use anchors in the format. Do like the ease of using it. Also would like to be able to change more color options like links, text, etc.
I would like you to add a dot,dot,dot READ MORE link in the body of the text that doesn't go to a separate pdf. This is a common feature in other services.
Status changed to: Voting Open

Any feedback on this issue? How long does it have to stay open until for voting until it is implemented?

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Just switched to Constant Contact from another service.  I have always used anchor tags as part of the "Table of Contents" for our newsletters and am disappointed to see this feature is not (but was previously) available!  Would REALLY like to see this implemented!

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I'm new to using Constant Contact but have used other email software. When I started planning for my new newsletter I googled anchors and found instructions on how to insert them in Constant Contact. I was very disappointed to find that the instructions were for an older version of the editor and that the option to insert anchors is no longer available. Please bring them back! My newsletter has several different sections and some of them have some length to them - being able to insert anchors would make it so much more user friendly.

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Anchor tags to create a newsletter would be SO helpful. Please bring this feature back!

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Please bring back the anchor tags! Even trying to keep our messages short, we have a lot of different activties which require their own block which adds length! I want to be able to list a calendar of events and allow people to skip to the parts they want to see! 


I have been resistant to switching to the third generation editor because I liked the functionality of the second generation. However, recent glitches with my old template have forced me to switch and I am not happy. I also use MailChimp for another organization, and I always liked Constant Contact much better, but not anymore! Very disapointed.

I'm reading that Anchor links don't work in Outlook. Has anyone found a hack to put in code?