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I would like to submit a request to re-install the anchor tag option for Constant Contact. My newsletter - and I'm sure there are many others - has some length to it, as well as many sections, and I believe having the anchor tags in addition to the table of contents would make navigation much easier for my readers. Organization and accessibility are priorities for this newsletter that I am creating, and I fear that readers will be annoyed by the amount of scrolling they will have to do to find certain sections. I was disappointed to learn that you had discontinued this feature, especially after I was reassured by one of your representatives when I bought your product that I could use anchor tags with the new set-up. Please consider re-implementing the anchor tags in the near future. Many of your users are counting on it. Thank you.
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Hi all. There is very limited support for anchors in email. Almost every mobile email client doesn't have support for it, and almost half of the most commonly used email clients are mobile.  With this in mind, support for anchors would be highly inconsistent and would create an unpleasant experience for your contacts. Please read our Knowledge Base article on why you should not use anchor links in your emails

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This is disappointing. Any update?


I am quite disappointed by the new editor and wish I still had access to the legacy editor as that template worked much better for our needs.  While the new templates are fine, they no longer have the option of a table of contents.  Therefore, there is no way to incorporate a list up top that will allow users to click down to expanded information below.  Many users are unwilling to scroll down through a long email to find the details.  Customer service was unable to supply a solution.  I miss the old editor and the myriad of additional choices it had.  

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