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I would like to submit a request to re-install the anchor tag option for Constant Contact. My newsletter - and I'm sure there are many others - has some length to it, as well as many sections, and I believe having the anchor tags in addition to the table of contents would make navigation much easier for my readers. Organization and accessibility are priorities for this newsletter that I am creating, and I fear that readers will be annoyed by the amount of scrolling they will have to do to find certain sections. I was disappointed to learn that you had discontinued this feature, especially after I was reassured by one of your representatives when I bought your product that I could use anchor tags with the new set-up. Please consider re-implementing the anchor tags in the near future. Many of your users are counting on it. Thank you.
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Hi all. There is very limited support for anchors in email. Almost every mobile email client doesn't have support for it, and almost half of the most commonly used email clients are mobile.  With this in mind, support for anchors would be highly inconsistent and would create an unpleasant experience for your contacts. Please read our Knowledge Base article on why you should not use anchor links in your emails


Please bring back anchors or explain why they will not be added back. Thank you.


So glad to have read this thread before I switched over to the new templates.  Our newsletter depends on anchors!  Why would you not have anchors available in your new templates?


Ditto--we (used to) use anchors for our newsletter as well and it is quite confusing to see that they are not part of the third generation editor. This is a basic feature! We shouldn't have to choose between using the old non-mobile responsive templates and providing a way to easily navigate content. It's not really "mobile-responsive" if you have have to scroll endlessly on your phone to get to the content you want. Please add them back!

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need to be able to add anchor links for longer emails


Please give back Anchors

Currently, I am working on an internal newsletter for our employees. I tried to set up a 2 column email, and drastically failed trying to move everything around to create a crisp, clean layout. 


Here are two ideas that came up while working on this newsletter:


1. Direct Content Column to Easily Skip to a Specific Section of the Email

One of my supervisors asked if we could have a column on the left side that lists specific topics discussed that people can click on to take them directly to that part of the email. I think that is a great idea, because within any company, some topics may not pertain to certain employees. I feel that if this interactive column existed, less people will scroll through or ignore the email completely. This can show what information is in the email right away. It also helps your contacts access specific content directly without having to scroll through all of the content they are not interested in.  


2. Embedded Surveys within the Email

This can create more responses to surveys and reduce unwilling participants. There is nothing worse than being willing to participate in a survey and realizing that there are just way too many questions to answer. I feel that if questions are seen right away, the more people will respond right away. 

In our employee newsletter, I made a button that takes you to a survey link, it only has 1 question with 4 responses. Our employees don't know that though, so they may be hesitant on going to the survey.

We also would like to include fun questions to keep our employees engaged. The question would be simple trivia questions like "How many customers do you think we serviced last year?" and then have a multiple choice answers below. Once they click on an answer, it will tell them if they are correct or not and show the rest of the company's results, along with more information about that topic.


I hope to see these ideas implemented some day, I hope we are not the only ones who think that this is a great way to keep contacts engaged and look forward to their emails.


Thank you for taking the time to read these ideas.


-Chelsey Smith

Marketing Coordinator/ Graphic Designer

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Hello Chelsey (@Chartwell_Pennsylvania_LP),


This is excellent feedback, thank you so much for taking the time to provide this to us. I've passed your feedback along to our engineers!

I am testing Constant Contact. I find it mind-boggling that your 3rd generation does not have anchors. That's an essential part of creating a newsletter.
Customer Service, As a Voice of Customer feedback, I find it disheartening that after 10 plus years with your email marketing tool that your developers have not figured out a way to implement the anchor link feature from 2G to 3G. Without this feature, my user experience has been diminished, but worse my customer experience (readers) have a less than satisfactory experience with our email campaigns. We are not in the business of satisfactory. We are in the business of best in class, apparently this is not Constant Contact's concern. I understand we can switch back to 2G, however, we would waste lots of time and money recreating campaigns. As a customer of your service, this is not a viable solution. When will your brilliant team of developers solve this anchor problem and return a best in class experience to readers and authors of emails?
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1. Please bring back anchors so I can include a clickable table of contents in my newsletter.

2. Please allow me to make changes to a master version, even if it's only for a few days after the newsletter is sent, so that I can correct errors and not have to resend a new URL thus shouting to everyone I sent it to, "Hey, we screwed up!"

3. Please allow me to put photos wherever I want in the text!

4. Please make kerning available. I would like to use a smaller sized font but it's too hard to read.

Thank you

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Hi all. There is very limited support for anchors in email. Almost every mobile email client doesn't have support for it, and almost half of the most commonly used email clients are mobile.  With this in mind, support for anchors would be highly inconsistent and would create an unpleasant experience for your contacts. Please read our Knowledge Base article on why you should not use anchor links in your emails

Since I depend so heavily on your help files to teach myself your product, it would be useful to know which features are NO LONGER available or even pertinent in the new 3G editor. For example, I just learned that ANCHOR LINKS are no longer available in the 3G editor because of a mobile responsiveness problem. I only found out about this from a phone call for assistance. Its unavailability in 3G editor is NOT indicated anywhere in you help documentation, which makes learning a very frustrating experience for newbies. Please advise. -MS
I recently decided to update my template so that it would read better on smaller devices. However, I see that there is no TOC function available. I am torn as to whether to stay with my old template or not. It would be much better if I could have a TOC.
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Hey @KatherineT3, thanks for your feedback! With our new editor, we had decided it would best if we didn't include the table of contents feature. The reasoning behind this is that it relied on anchor links within the email itself and just about all of the large email providers (Apple, Yahoo, Gmail, etc) have stopped supporting these types of links. Instead of offering a tool that failed to work on the majority of recipients email provider, we decided to discontinue it's use in the newer templates. Some users have setup a small text block in their emails to have a table of contents that users could view, however, it did not link to each section. They use it as more of a summary of what is in the email. 


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Holy bajoly. Please bring back anchor links. I'd love to build a new campaign from scratch, but instead I have to keep copying old campaigns and editing them in version 2 so that I can keep anchor links. I've been able to deal with it pretty well, but my supervisors are **bleep** every time they have to use CC and it doesn't have anchor links (I'm usually the one to work with CC, but every once in a while another employee has to get in there as well). My supervisors are about to switch to Mail Chimp or something else, but I'd rather not have to get used to a new format again.


There have been many, MANY comments and questions regarding the return of Anchor Links. Using the 3rd gen editor we have no way of creating anchor links adn I for one am hugely disappointed!! This is something I used in EVERY email newsletter in the past and suddenly CC has decided for me that I no longer need them.


I have a lower click rate due to this change, many readers scan the top section and only click on what pertains to them or they find important - and without the anchor links directing them down the newsletter to that specific section, they don't generally bother to scroll, scroll down to find it.


PLEASE, PLEASE bring back a simple Anchor Link we can use in a table of contents at the top of an email/newsletter.


I hope for a quick response - you guys have had months and months to design the needed option.





AGREE!! Please bring back anchor links - I can't use the new campaigns for our newsletters without the anchor feature. The emails are too long to not give people the option to jump to various sections.


Agree - it's strange that an email marketing software company of this size doesn't allow for a table of contents, html editors, or ability to add anchors. Even stranger when their competitors DO offer this support: 

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Agree! That is (dare I say was?) a VERY useful tool Miss it!! Please bring it back!

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Let me add my name to those who want anchor links back. We have a very long weekly newsletter and many of our members do not see important information because they have no time to waste scrolling through it to find what might be pertinent to them.

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