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I would like to submit a request to re-install the anchor tag option for Constant Contact. My newsletter - and I'm sure there are many others - has some length to it, as well as many sections, and I believe having the anchor tags in addition to the table of contents would make navigation much easier for my readers. Organization and accessibility are priorities for this newsletter that I am creating, and I fear that readers will be annoyed by the amount of scrolling they will have to do to find certain sections. I was disappointed to learn that you had discontinued this feature, especially after I was reassured by one of your representatives when I bought your product that I could use anchor tags with the new set-up. Please consider re-implementing the anchor tags in the near future. Many of your users are counting on it. Thank you.
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Hi all. There is very limited support for anchors in email. Almost every mobile email client doesn't have support for it, and almost half of the most commonly used email clients are mobile.  With this in mind, support for anchors would be highly inconsistent and would create an unpleasant experience for your contacts. Please read our Knowledge Base article on why you should not use anchor links in your emails

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Hey @SequoiaPFC, thanks for your feedback as well as everyone else that's posted in here. With the current state of email clients, the majority of them actually don't support anchor links. Apple's iOS email client, Yahoo!, as well as Android don't support anchor links. Due to these email clients holding more than half of the market share in email clients, adding anchor links into campaigns would cause a very inconsistent experience for the majority of recipients. In order to find a solution to this, we've created the "Read More" block in the 3GE editor which allows you to post a quick snippet of content and then link to the website that contains the full article. This also helps get the recipients more engaged and allows them to see the content that they are interested in. You can find more information regarding this block here



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Totally agree! Sounds like the majority of CC customers need this anchor feature back. I am included! I searched for the create anchor link and it was no longer available, then I found the sea of complaints that they did away with it. This really needs to be a feature in the new editor. I have more computer than mobile device users and need this function. It should still be an option for CC customers. If I start getting complaints from my users then I can switch to the read more button and creating a separate web page for articles. 


This is ridiculous - CC: we get it, you guys feel that mobile users wont benefit from anchor links. But can we be any more clear that 1) we want to stay with Constant Contact but 2) you're not giving us one of the basic tools we need!! and 3) other companies (specifically Mail Chimp) ARE! I wonder how terrible difficult it would be to reintegrate the Anchor Links - they used to exist, so optimize them for the newest editor and make a segment of your clientele HAPPY!


TO BE CLEAR: the majority of my end users check their email at work - they use the Anchor Links on their computers. And for those who don't - oh well! They have to scroll. But my click rate would go up substantially if they could simply chose the table of content items that apply to them.


For the record, Mail Chimp makes it **bleep** easy to switch over to them. I know, because I'm in the process now. There's literally a section on How to Move to MC from Constant Contact. I'd rather stay with CC and not learn a new UI, but hell, if it get's me the full range of optimization for my campaign I can figure it out!


I would like to also add my name to those wanting the anchor link. While many features of the newest editor are improvements, we have been hobbled in others such as this anchor link, ability to adjust padding between images, inability to add borders, inability to easily replace a document....and so on. But this is about the anchor link. Please bring it back.

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I just got my new employer to pay for Constant Contact because of its great features, which included the anchor links! I can't believe you took away something that many of your customers use and are begging you to bring it back. And I'm even more disappointed in your response:


"With the current state of email clients, the majority of them actually don't support anchor links. Apple's iOS email client, Yahoo!, as well as Android don't support anchor links. Due to these email clients holding more than half of the market share in email clients, adding anchor links into campaigns would cause a very inconsistent experience for the majority of recipients."


What a cop out! Pay attention to your customers!

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Please add my name to the list to bring back Anchor links.  I do a weekly newsletter and the Table of Contents feature is essential to organizing my communication.  I checked my Android phone and tablet after reading the above comments that Anchors do not work.  The Anchors work just fine.  I will check with my folks that used iPhones but I have had no complaints about the Anchors. Until this feature is available in the new editor, I will continue to use the Legacy editor.  Anchors and the ability to edit HTML are deal-breakers for me.

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I would also like to add my name to the list to bring back Anchor links. A Table of Contents feature would be essential to get my customers to read the sections of my newsletter that is pertinent to them as the newsletter is lengthy.

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I'm creating a newsletter that would benefit greatly from having a Table of Contents with anchor links as the newsletter is lengthy. I know that there have been anchor links in the previous editions of Constant Contact, but I think there is still a need to have anchor links in their current edition. Who else would like to see anchor links in Constant Contact?

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A bunch of us out here would love to have these anchors back. You might search the library or the forums for this topic, you will see how many of us are out here!



Thank you for reaching out about this feature! I'm interested in hearing more on why you use anchor links. Does it matter if the email clients that you are sending to, do not fully support anchor links? Most mobile email clients don't actually support this feature. 

I know that you mentioned that your email is lengthy, have you considered a read more block that would take readers to your website to learn more?  

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The vast majority of our clients are academics who are reading our emails on their computers, not mobile phones. The information we are linking them out too is also best viewed on a computer, as they are lengthy journal articles, etc. I would be very surprised to learn that even 10 percent of our readers will want to look at one of our specific newsletters on their phone. If someone DOES look on their phone and anchor links don't work, they can scroll. But with your new set-up EVERYONE has to scroll, regardless of device. 


Is there a way to revert to the legacy editor so I can use anchor links? I'm super frustrated and would definitely be very open to switching to a new product with another company who can provide this functionality. 

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hmmm I do my testing on Apple iOS 13 and Android 9.0 (Pie) and they both still respond to anchor tags in their native email clients. 

I guess this means we'll just be running 2.0 for the time being, until forced to switch to a new provider. 78% of our users are also desktop. 


We concur with all the outrage, above. CC has become too focused on users of mobile ignoring the needs of that large audience accustomed to reading emails on desk systems or laptops and being able to jump to various sections of the emails because of anchors and bookmarks.


We noticed when we upload our long, news and section filled weekly letter, that your new program strips out all the placeholders of "name=" or "id=" which allows these internal links to work. To what benefit is that done? To drive us away to other email services not embracing "the next great new thing" while abandoning everything that has worked? 


Adobe Dreamweaver, like CC, recently rigidly abandoned anchors but permitted a variation of them through spans and ids. They recognized that internal jumps in documents (or emails) is still crucial. Everyone is not sending out picture-filled, scant-text invitations or party announcements. Some of us are using your services for long, serious messages their recipients count on. Without one-click access to that content in THAT email, the read counts will plummet. Forcing clients to consider other emailing options. Is this a wise move for CC?

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We also need the Table of Contents in the 3rd Gen editor. People need to be able to jump down to the content that is relevant to them. If they can't find what they need quickly, they will close out of the email. CC should not let the recommendation of having a short email be mandatory by taking away tools to make longer emails work. Most of the people who open our emails are high education professionals and nonprofit and governmental organizations and our analytics show that they are overwhelmingly using desktop.

And for the record, I have had people test out the anchors on different mobile devices and they work on Apple and Android. 

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Almost a year later and I see there are still many replies on this post complaining about the lack of anchor links. When is Constant Contact going to realize their customers want this back. You keep trying to force even more upgrades on us constantly but after the disaster the last one was, I'm very tempted to go back to Mail Chimp. You really need to listen to your customers.


Please bring back anchor links!!!



Is CC really still ignoring their customers with this? This is sad excuse for customer service, many of your clients absolutely require anchor links and they are being forced to stick with the second gen editor or switch to mail chimp. My business has been with constant contact for years but their adamant refusal to listen to any customer feedback has forced us to switch. We'll be switching to a competitor for all future email campaigns starting this week.


I'd also like to point out that "Chris__D " is blatantly lying when he says anchor links don't work on android. I can't speak for Apple but every single mail client I've tried on my android phone has worked fine with anchor links (Gmail, Outlook, Even my mobile chrome browser). No idea why they would lie about this.

Hello. Can you please put back the feature called 'anchors' so we can insert one in an email and it jumps down to the anchored content...
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AGREED, Anchors are a NEED/MUST for newsletters and informative case reports.  If my readers have to hunt around or click off and wait for a webpage to load them we lose them.  Especially on a mobile.

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This is disappointing. Any update?

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