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Dear Engineers: My manager asked me to find out about the following limitations in Constant Contact. I realize that some of these are bugs and some are feature requests. Please help! We have been dealing with some of these issues for years! * Line spacing for bulleted items: Can it be changed so it matches the spacing in the rest of the article, i.e., 1.5 spacing? * Bulleted Numbers: There is no space between numbered paragraphs when using the numbered bullet list, but there is space between bulleted paragraphs when the non-numbered bullet list is used. We want to be able to space between numbered lists too. * Indenting: We would like to indent certain paragraphs, such as the paragraphs that follows one in which we use our long-dash bullet. * Is there a way to insert two photos in one article block? Or do we have to make a second article block next to the first one (like we do with a footnote) and add the picture there? * Is there a way to insert a Word text box into an article block? Cathy Parrish Project Specialist Seawright & Associates
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Hi @JeanS27632 Thank you for reaching with this feedback! These are all great ideas that we are tracking in our system on your behalf. At this time spacing for bulleted and numbered lists do remain at a default 1.2 spacing. Copying and pasting bullet character from another source or use an alt code (alt+7) for your bullet points can help with changing this line spacing. The same can be said about indentation for paragraphs. If you copy text that includes a tab from an external source (like Microsoft Word), the editor will convert the tab to non-breaking spaces and save. You can also continue adding dashes and change their font color to match the background color. As for inserting a word text block, are what kind of block are you looking to add? What steps would you expect to take to add one into your email? What about the blocks we currently provide does not meet your need for this?

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Hi Frankie, thank you for your response and your suggested workarounds. We have tried copying and pasting from Word. When we do, from within the Constant Contact third generation editor it looks like the formatting will be maintained, but the formatting is lost when the email is sent. 

For indenting paragraphs, we'll try adding dashes and changing the font color to match the background color. That should work as a workaround.

Regarding inserting a Word text block, I need to get more information about that from my manager.

Thanks again.

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