Resend Options Feature Removed

I am truly disappointed that CC took away the ability to resend to individual email addresses without creating a new list. We regularly used this feature, and there is not an easy work around.

same...and quicksend drop menu isn't working..


Hi @GlobalAdvance thank you for sharing your feedback on our resend process. Where were you looking when you tried to resend the email? The good news is we do offer the ability to resend a campaign to individual email addresses through our QuickSend Feature under your Contacts tab.

Status changed to: Open Questions
Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Because we haven't heard back from the original poster we are going to close this idea. Though this doesn't mean that we aren't listening to your feedback! If you would like to continue the conversation, please feel free to reply here in the Community or vote on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see. Thank you for taking the time to post in the Community!

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