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Think there should be another radio button to select "send to new list" - I send the same blast out each month to a new list and have to create a new email each time. Why not be able to add to a new list?

Just sayin'

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@TPB197  Thank you for the feedback.  Unfortunately our older 2GE editor does not have this feature.  The current 3G editor does allow you to select a different list when resending a campaign. If you would like to try and use the 3GE editor and some of it's other features create a new campaign using a new template instead of copying an existing campaign.  If you would rather use the same editor you have been using you can continue to copy your existing campaigns.

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Since we haven't heard anything back yet we are marking this as closed. If Chris' response has not resolved the issue please feel free to reach back out to us.

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