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Resending an email to a new contact

Resending an email to a new contact

I don't like how many steps you have to go through to simply add a new contact to send them an email that had been previously sent.  It's cumbersome and takes up too much time. 

It would be nice to have the ability to re-send a campaign to a different list. Currently the campaign can only be resent to new contacts added to the original lists that the campaign was first sent to, or we can paste in a small list of recipients, neither of these work in this scenario. Our contacts are on several different lists. Our campaigns are always sent to more than one list. If we inadvertently forget to select a specific list on the original send, it would be nice to be able to re-send to the missed list. If we simply copy and send a new campaign to the missed list, some contacts could end up receiving the campaign twice. If we can send to the missed list using the original campaign, the system should know that a contact has already received the campaign and not send to that email again.
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just select the client by checking the  box to the right of the client in the contacts page and go to more actions at the top toolbar and select quick send. This works great if the campaign you want to send is in the mors recet 10 sent. If any further back you have to do the multi step process which, I agree is cumbersome.

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To resend I have to copy the original email, then reschedule, then pick the new list I want to send to. why can't I just hit resend and have the option to select a new list there instead of going around in circles to accomplish the same thing
Constant Contact would be more useful if we didn't have to make a copy of the same campaign to send to other contacts. But yet, all we would have to do is change the contacts and send the SAME CAMPAIGN.
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Still a great suggestion - a simple add to for existing lists to resend

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Yesterday, I wanted to resend an email to three new contacts. The text said "it would send to any new contacts recently added." I wanted to confirm who those contacts were, but I was unable to see to whom the resend was going to go to. You used to be able to specify those who were getting the resend.  

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Constant contact definitely needs a resend to new list option.


Some students need to get the same email more than once, later on. For example, if we remind students who haven't completed their items three weeks later. Then they just get the same email later. I shouldn't have to copy the campaign to resend. Its ridiculous that you cant send an email to the same student more than once.  

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Read my solution above, posted on 7/8/2016. We have been using this method to resend to clients that have not opened an email, or that we wish to resend again as a reminder. You can use this same method to send an existing email to a new list. Just open the list you want to send to, click the select all checkbox, go to quick send, select the email and send. Takes 1-2 minutes tops.