Resending to "did not open" on demand

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Just a few minutes ago, I posted a request for a feature that allows "on demand" resending of emails to those who did not open them the first time. I had checked and found nothing, and when i called CC to ask, i was told i was a feature request. Then, for some reason, i looked again. Here's what i did: clicked on the "did not open" list for my email, chose all addresses, clicked on "more options" and chose "quicksend" It worked, or at least the "history" section says it did.
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@PaulM972 Thank you for the comment.  I am glad the quicksend feature helped you in this case. There is a feature request to add the option to schedule a Resend to Non openers at a later date if you did not initially select the "Resend to Non-Openers option" when scheduling the original email.

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I want to cast my vote for the feature request you mention but am happy to hear the quicksend works. How many contacts can you do that for?

@JulieL34 QuickSend allows you to select an individual contact or up to 5,000 contacts across different lists and easily send them the email you already sent out. Here is knowledge base article that explains it.

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