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I have brought this suggestion to you a number of times, but this time in writing. First, I love CC...you do a great job. I wish you could upgrade your system to allow your customers to resend more than 400 emails. We send the originals and then resend a number of time. I I know about the copying option but frankly it is more work and somewhat complicated. Any solutions for the future? I sure hope so Roger Effron, rceffron@gmail.com, 513-608-5322, Venetian Golf and River Club Community Association, Venice, Fl.
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Hi @VGRCCA thanks for sharing this feedback! We're glad to hear you're happy with our product. As for our resend feature, are you looking to resend more than 400 email campaigns at once? Send to a contact list of more than 400 email addresses? What steps are you taking to resend your campaign?


Thank you.


What I am asking for is a technical change in your system to allow more than 400 resends on the original distributiion


Hi @VGRCCA thanks for following up with us on this request! How are you resending your campaign? Are you referring to resending your email through our Quicksend feature? This is the only resend tool we have where there is a limit of sending up to 500 contacts from email reporting page. However, users can go with the Quicksend option under Contacts and resend your email to up to 5,000 contacts.