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Rounded Corneres for Buttons

Please implement rounded corners for buttons. I have no idea why this isn't a feature. It's standard for buttons to be designed with rounded corners in nearly every application.

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 Hey @DeborahR8, this is actually something that we have available in our templates. I took a look at the templates you're currently using and I believe you are copying from an older version that doesn't have this updated button. If you were to create a campaign from a new template, it should have rounded buttons. You can do this by going to the Campaigns page and then clicking "Create" at the top right. 

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This also is going to be browser-specific, and client email rendering-specific. At least to some extent.

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I agree. I see the staff answer to the question, which is great, but if we're copying campaigns (which, let's face it, most nonprofits have to do as we have limited resources/time to create a campaign from scratch) is there a way to get a rounded button aside from creating it in another program and importing it as an image? 

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