Rounded Corners for Buttons

Would love to be able to make the buttons in emails look like buttons with rounded corners.  On this email I had to use a button with sharp 90 degree corners for the Register button.   allows for rounding the edges...even making the edge a color separate from the button color.

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Thanks @SarahST 


I was prompted to look for rounded corners in the help & support forum (AGAIN) because I got this nice marketing email from Constant Contact!


And guess what, it's full of rounded corner buttons. So even Constant Contact wants them. 


You can view it online here: 


Also agree with previous comments.


We need rounded buttons! The limited design functions in Constant Contact are making our emails look  old and dated compared to competitors. If the options are not updated soon, we will need to say goodbye to Constant contact.

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Stunning that a communication platform like CC can't provide the simple ability to polish our product to the highest degree.  Doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to add some character to the design elements.  These text boxes that serve as our "buttons" are harsh and could be so much more appealing and inviting.  The fact that we've only received the obligatory acknowledgement from CC on this thread is a bit concerning.


I know it seems silly, this rounded button issue, but It should matter more to CC.  Simply put, my competitors have better more professional looking communications and after researching this topic and seeing the lack of concern by CC, perhaps I should spend my time researching what platform/tools they are using.  

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