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So let's see: Constant Contact decides, in their inimitable wisdom, to insert a GIANT Constant Contact logo at the bottom of ALL my stands out more than my own logo does.  Then, when I ask how to remove it, I'm told "Hey, for just $99, we can remove that and put your own logo there."  SERIOUSLY?  You DEFACE my email and then offer to CHARGE me to fix it?  I say "RIP OFF"  Fix this now.

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Hi @EnergyPlus thank you for sharing this feedback with us! I apologize for any confusion there may be with the logo in the footer of your email campaigns. We can certainly remove our Constant Contact logo free of charge. In fact I have removed this logo for you. If you do not see this update I would suggest saving your campaign and refreshing your page. You can also log out and log back in to see this change. We do however also offer a customer footer add-on service at a one time fee of $99. This service does allow you to add your own logo as one of the customization options. If further footer customization is something you're interested in, you can receive further information through our phone support agents or even by submitting a request here.

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