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It would be nice if we could create blocks that we could save into a library of sorts. All of our campaigns use similar contact blocks but very different headers. It would be nice to not have to recreate the block from scratch, or to exit the campaign, find the other campaign, copy the code, then head back to the original campaign.

What happened to all the Newsletter Templates?
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I often need to copy material from an older newsletter into a new one and find it very cumbersome to have to close one, go out, copy, close and then reopen the original again. Is there a way to keep two newsletters open at once?
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I agree it would be quite useful and a valuable time saver if there were a way to 'cut and paste' formatted content between multiple newsletters. This would be at the top of my Constant Contact Wish List.


I wish there was a way to save an entire block/section so that if I were to build another email, I could drag and drop the "Membership Block" and/or "Product Block" into that email and edit it from there instead of having to find it in an old email to copy it or having to rebuild it in a new email.

Could Constant Contact PLEASE create some sort of library (preferably with a search function) where individual blocks could be saved?  It would be GREAT if there was a way to save individual blocks to be used in future emails. I send out an email weekly with several blocks repeated from the previous email. Some blocks, however, are only sent out once a month, or even every other month. The only way I have found to do this is to close the current campaign I'm working on and go back to previous campaigns and scroll through them to find what I am looking for.  It is not easy to identify which campaigns contain the blocks I need, especially those which are used infrequently.  It is especially difficult since all my campaigns are named the same thing, except for the date (which appears at the end of the campaign title).



We produce a newsletter for our church twice a month. A lot of times, the events we have will be monthly but will need to be announced in one newsletter but not the next - rotating, if you will. In an effort to save myself from having to delete an article for the first half of the month only to come back and re-do it for the next issue, I utilized what I thought was a way to do this in the table of contents. The description/directions for use of this feature are as follows:


Here you can change the title for your table of contents and specify the links that appear. To remove a link from your table of contents, deselect the Show checkbox for the link. To change the link text, enter a new name for the link in the Link Text field.


Since this could be taken several ways, I thought it would mean that by my unchecking a box, the particular article would NOT appear in the newsletter. I was wrong! I got chewed out to the point of my bellybutton caving in! Since this happened on a Friday, it made for a great start to my weekend - NOT!


Anyhow, if you could please be more clear about the function that would be great. Better still would be for you to actually add a function which WOULD allow us to not include an article for a period of time. This would save time by not having to re-write an article every 2 weeks. It would just be hanging out waiting to be checked and recirculated. Hope that made sense. I am still reeling from the beehind chewing I took! Thanks!

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I would LOVE IT if there would be a way to save blocks into a library of sorts to pull into other emails. For example, with Upcoming Events. We have a few different types of emails we send, and the same Master Template doesn't work for all of those types. It's such a chore to keep creating the same blocks of content that apply to all of those email types. Or, I would love to have the ability to switch out some of those blocks. So maybe there's enough room on a shorter email to include the block about liking our Facebook page. I could just pull that block in from the library and not have to keep re-creating it over and over again. It would be so helpful to have that functionality!
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I called in but apparently to add a prelinked social media bar to our footer I have to pay $99 which just is not going to happen. Please add a place under my account where we can add all of our social media links and when we drag the social media bar to our emails it prepopulates based on the links we added to the account.

I have been playing with the social post addition and for years have used the newsletters. What I would love is to be able to write content and attach photos to said content and save it. Then when I want to do a social post or a newsletter, I could just select the pre-written content and it would be loaded into the newsletter/social feed. I could have multiple things for the newsletters. And may want to repeat some content at a later date and it would be already written. It would also allow me to write the content at my convenience and develop the newsletter at a later date.
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Wouldn't it be amazing if I could save certain blocks in my email to pop into another campaign, or to use in a similar campaign dow the line? 
This would be useable in so many cases, but here is the context that brought it to me: 
We have a weekly email we send out, and we list events in it. We frequently have recurring events, though they might not happen every week - so while I start every weekly email with copying last week's, and so I can easily leave the weekly events and just edit them lightly, for the events that happen every few weeks, I need to re-create the block constantly. And this makes me sad! 
How beautiful would it be if I could save a content block and re-use it down the line. Do you see what I'm saying?
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I have 2 businesses and we have standard footers for all our emails (I can create these each time I build an email) it would be great if I could build 2 custom templates with my headers and footers preset so I don't have to build from scratch each time. We also have some standard bits on most emails like the phone numbers and addresses for each of our sites it would be great if I could create a custom drag and drop to bring these in rather than typing them out every time. I know I'm just being lazy but it would help me out a lot.


It would be great if there was a format painter option so that you could easily format font and also if we could save a block that we designed and then use over and over.


I agree with all the comments here.  It would be a huge time-saver to:

1) Save Blocks (either as images or as text)


2) Name and Designate Blocks (Header, Footer, Article)

- The Header and Footer Blocks could be saved as images to quickly drag and drop or insert just as we do an image. 

- Article Blocks could be saved as text for editing later


3) Have a Block Library of items that have been previously saved to be re-used


4) Have 2 newsletters open at the same time - when you don't need to save something as a block, but only to quickly copy and paste from one email to another


My workaround for Header/Footer Blocks:

- I design and save them as an image outside of CC in my publisher and then upload them.  This saves alot of time. Then I created an Image Folder called Building Block Images and save them all here for quick access.  (Logo with social media links, Logo with Action Buttons, Logo with President Signature, etc.)  


The oldest post I saw on this is from 2015.  I'm surprised CC hasn't found a way to address this issue yet.  It's definitely something that makes me consider an alternative email marketing solution.  

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