Savable blocks

It would be nice if we could create blocks that we could save into a library of sorts. All of our campaigns use similar contact blocks but very different headers. It would be nice to not have to recreate the block from scratch, or to exit the campaign, find the other campaign, copy the code, then head back to the original campaign.

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This goes way back to 2015. What is Constant Contact's current thinking about it? Reusing previous emails tends to get unstable at times, but it's the only other way I've found to reuse content blocks once the ability to edit html was removed. Before, you could create your own file of code to drop into content blocks in the html view. Trying to do that without the code needs something like Word to do it and then you introduce all the funky stuff Word does.


Has there been any progress on this idea?

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Since this is apparently not high enough on CC's priority list, the only recourse we have is to get it upvoted enough times to make it a priority. Is there a CC subreddit somewhere that we can appeal to for votes?

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I've jettisoned CC after many years. They made too many changes to things that weren't broken. Good luck!

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Very good question @BethD469!

Just writing over here in the community doesn't get the desired effect quickly enough and it's so tedious to get find the relevant threads sometimes.

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so still no way to save blocks of text and graphics for future use?  

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Adding another vote for this!!

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YES PLEASE! This is needed!!!

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I regularly used the copy-HTML-and-paste feature in earlier versions of CC as a way to re-use blocks of material from previous campaigns.  Removing that feature without creating an alternative (e.g., savable blocks) was a major mistake on the part of the CC developers in my opinion.  I now have to edit copies of entire campaigns in order to re-use material that was painstakingly developed.  Either that or I start from scratch every time.  This is unacceptable and makes me really dislike a program that it is otherwise very good.

When CC removed the copy-HTML-and-paste feature a couple of years ago, I immediately asked them for a fix.  It appears that my request and similar requests from other CC users continue to be ignored.  Please fix this!  

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