Save email addresses for test emails

I would like to have a list of or save some default emails to send a test to

I send test emails to my clients for their review before launching, currently i have to keep retyping the same names over and over in order to send the test email. It would be great, if I could select from a drop down list or it auto populates as i type. This would prevent typos on my part ... which has occurred and we could not figure out why the test email did not make it to my client.
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I would like to be able to see past messages and contacts for test emails. This way I can make sure a test sent, review or copy and paste the message, and resend to the same contacts. Some sort of automation or routine is needed as many of us are required to send test emails before every campaign. 

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Before today, the preview/test for custom code popup window had email address suggestions of previous test recipients (including groups of emails) based your typing. Today an overlay panel now keeps client addresses from the last test if you want to send all your email tests to the same names! Now I have to delete previous clients' names when sending the next client's test. What benefit is that? They don't reset. Such a poor idea. I really want the dropdown with email suggestions based your typing back like it had been. What a downgrade.


Hope this makes sense. It would be good to not have to type in, each time, the list of specific people who have to give us approvals.  

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allow user to save multiple emails they use to send preview tests

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It would be a great convenience if the test email page would recognize the listings in the contacts so I wouldn’t have to look up each email when sending a test.

I think constant contact should auto populate the email box in sending a test email from your email contacts.

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Hi @MarianneB067. What information would you like to have auto-populate? Would you like to see a select list of contacts that you usually send a test to?


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yes, actually my whole contact list


Thank you. I wanted to point out that test emails can only be sent to a limit of five email addresses at a time. Does this change how you would like to see addresses appear in the test screen?

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