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1. I would like to Preview and Edit at every step of the way, even after scheduling a broadcast newsletter. 2. I would like to schedule the same newletter on 2, 3, 4 or 20 times per year. EX: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly , etc.

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Yes! Is this possible? How do you schedule the same campaign to repeat weekly?
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need to be able to schedule more than one send date w/o going back into copy and schedule
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need to be able to schedule more than one send date without  going back into copy and schedule.  This is a huge time waster.  Many people are looking for this feature but CC is ignoring it going back to 2015.  It shouldn't be that hard to code this feature.  It's common sense that you may have a need to send out the same campaigns at a weekly interval.  Please implement this for your customers.

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Need to be able to do multiple dates on one post wo copying
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Hi @WarBRDR. What types of posts were you trying to create multiple copies of? Like a campaign, social share posts, etc? 


Reply from @WarBRDR:
Thank you for clarifying. I'll move this into our other thread that has a similar request. 


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