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Search Feature Missing Campaigns in Results

Search Feature Missing Campaigns in Results

Your search function is frustrating and not useful. If words are in a title of a campaign, they should just show up when I use those words in search.


Thanks for providing that information Dave. I've been looking into it and I believe there is one (potentially two) issues going on that I'm still looking in to. It seems like there is a delay with some new campaigns being indexed so that they can quickly be returned in search results. I'm also looking into a potentially related issue that could potentially limit how many campaigns are returned for certain keywords. You may get results, but not all recent campaigns may be listed in the results.


As far as the order of the campaigns listed in the search, by default search results will sort by "Most Relevant" which is listing the results by the frequency of the search term being used. You should be able to click on that and change the sort to alphabetical or chronological, however, due to the issue of some new campaigns missing it looks like New > Old might not return the results you'd expect quite yet. My apologies it isn't working correctly quite yet.


(Side note: The ability to filter/search campaigns by send date doesn't seem to be impacted by this issue, so that might help narrow your list down in the mean time if you need help finding a campaign.) 


Thanks for the additional information @ShannonS662 ! You're correct that the Reporting page will only show campaigns in Sent status. It looks like we had an issue with the process of getting all/newer campaigns indexed to be searched. We're working out some of the issues and will keep this thread updated with any news - sorry for the troubles!


It might be worth mentioning that the "Filters emails by send date" on the Campaigns page, and the search on the Reporting page isn't impacted by this issue. So that could potentially help out in finding any sent campaigns.

This function still does not work correctly. For example, I send an email almost every week to my list called kansas. I always have the word kansas in the name of the campaign. Yet when I search for "kansas" I only get 2 emails from along time ago that come up.

Hello @JeffreyD921. As Kyle mentioned, with the introduction of the search campaign feature, this has caused a lag in allowing newer campaigns to appear in search results. If you are searching for a campaign in a sent status, you can search for it under the Reporting tab as this area updates quicker than the Campaigns tab. 

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Dear Constant Contact. If I want to look up an obituary I wrote in a past news letter by the person's name-- it is problematic in your Contact Contact Search Functions. Wish you would improve it. Pamela
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Hi @pyc_manager. Could you provide examples of last names that you have used? 

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The search function in Constant Contact seems truly awful. Doesn't pull up anything relevant in any of our many searches.
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Hi @GSSMark. What keywords have you used to search for campaigns? Why weren't these relevant for you? 

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I don't know if it's just my account but I have been having issues with the Campaign search feature not retrieving results for recent campaigns (recent meaning, within the last 6-8 months).


I thought I was losing it because for the last few months, anytime I search for a phrase that I know I've used in a previous campaign and sort the results with the newest or recently modified at the top, I only see emails from March 2019 or older.  However, I have just verified that it is definitely not just me, and it is indeed the search that is malfunctioning and I can prove it.  We send out a monthly calendar and every single campaign is named "(month) Calendar".  If I search for the word "Calendar" and sort by most recent, the newest result is a campaign that was sent on March 29, 2018.  


Can you please fix this?? I use the search all the time being that we have over 1,600 campaigns and counting... 

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Your email Search feature is useless. Is there any attempt to getting it working properly, so you can find current emails?

Hi @Marisa_M and @DrewR89. Kyle has previously provided some information about why some campaigns are not appearing in searches. This is something we are still working on and I apologize that we do not have any updates to share. If you are searching for a sent campaign, you can search by campaign name under the Reporting tab. Please note that you cannot search for content or by subject line in this area but I wanted to provide it as a workaround. 

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Thanks for getting back to me Kyle_R! I appreciate the additional information. Filtering by Drafts certainly helps speed up the manual search.

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Hi @Caitlin_M, thanks for the info and the workaround to search in the Reports section, however, that's not really all that helpful because I need to see the thumbnails to know which previous campaign I want to copy from.  Searching in Reports does bring up the newer campaigns, but then I have to click on the campaign to see it (and copy from), and if it's not the one I want, when I go back to the reporting page, my search is reset and i have to search again and sort, and find where I left off.  Many, many, many clicks and pages - too cumbersome. 

It would be appreciated if you could fix the search indexing issue from the campaigns interface.


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This is general feedback.


Your search engine needs more work, as it does not function in any usable capacity. It returns campaigns that are completely irrelevant to the search term. It does not return relevant campaigns even when I use quotation marks or narrow the search item by the offered categories. It is nearly unusable. I have better and more accurate luck finding campaigns by using the ctrl+f function.

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Came here to add to the chorus of voices asking for the "Search" functionality to be made, well, functional. 


Not being able to search for campaigns (ALL campaigns, regardless of date or status), having to scroll and scroll is really inefficient.


The ability to "Search" is a basic expectation among users of pretty much any application. I hope the team prioritizes fixing this. Thanks!


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