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I wish there was a way to group objects in emails. I use three dividers in my campaigns to create a cool effect, but when I need to move them I have to individually move them, so if there was a way to group them and move them together that would be cool.

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I can understand how helpful it would be to group or lock sections of your email together to easily edit your design. Where would you look for a feature like this to exist in your email? Would you want it to only apply to only dividers or other blocks as well?


Has this comment been addressed? I would like to be able to group blocks together.  When I create a unique pattern of images and blocks and want to replicate or move to another section of the email it's difficult to move them each individually.


Hi @KennyK56 how does working with our pre-built layout blocks not fit your needs? Or the move icon available when you place your cursor over the layout you want to move?




Frankie, I think that if there are several group blocks together, and you want to move them ALL, there has to be a better way to select them, rather than doing 1 by 1. 


Its easy to move one block sure, but if you have 3 or 4 or more with dividers, images, and several blocks all part of one news blast, with several news blasts in one entire email that goes out, it has to be easier. Just saying its easy to move a block, isn't helpful. 


For example, we have a news blast that has several articles. In each article, we have several blocks with videos or English/Spanish/Portuguese translations. IF I want to move one article to a different location (because this month's might have one article that is outdated or the date changes) then I have to move EACH block in that article, one by one to the new location, that takes time. Adding a check box to group them all to move together, shouldn't be hard to do. 

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So, I'm assuming from this thread that there is no way to move multiple blocks at once. That is very frustrating and hopefully something that gets added in future updates, sooner than later.


Being able to "group" multiple blocks together and move them would be extremely helpful.  For example, in my newsletter I have a Community service section made of multiple events.  Each event is its own block so that it can have a description and a picture.  But if I wanted to move the whole Community Service section I would have to move each block at a time.  If I could group blocks together like on Microsoft Publisher I could just grab the grouped section and move it all at once.  I really hope constant contact makes this adjustment as it is obviously affecting its customer base. 


I would like to know how to do this as well.


When I lay out my newsletter, I may have to move a piece up or down to make the newsletter flow better. For example, I have one content piece that contains text & a centred button & then more text (thus 3 blocks). To move them, I have to move them separately to the new location. i haven't found a way to choose the 3 blocks and move them together within my newsletter.

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Just adding my voice of support here. I create a weekly newsletter and sometimes shift around content from the previous week in order to freshen up the look. Moving one block at a time is painful. 


This feature would also be extremely helpful for me. I sometimes need to move full sections around with each made of 6-10 blocks. Moving the blocks one by one is tedious. 


Just adding our voice to this thread. The ability to group and move multiple blocks at once is more like a necessity than a luxury. Having to move each individual element separately, as is the case now, is extremely frustrating.


Chiming in to add support to this thread! I'm a new Constant Contact user, working on a monthly newsletter, and so far it is extremely tedious and time-consuming to have to move one block at a time. This seems like a fairly basic feature and I hope we'll see it implemented soon.


Is this a feature that will be added soon @constantcontact?


Hi @ErikaV592. We do not have any updates to share regarding this feature request. If we do, we will post them here. 




As good as Constant Contact is, it is sorely lacking in usability. 


The lack of grouping multiple blocks to move them en masse is frustrating. Stating "Its easy to move a block" is short sidedness and a slap in the face to many that would love this feature. Also, the ability to edit the "Thank you" note (I know another discussion) would be helpful. Sure, it can be done by creating a landing page, but many don't want a seperate landing page one has to go to, rather than just have the ability inline in our own pages. 

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I agree. At my  company, we are constantly reprioritizing stories and I have have to select and drag multiple boxes around--sometimes 2 or 3 stories, each with a divider, image, headline, text and button. It would be great if we could "Link" or "Group" the elements in each story box, like I can do in Powerpoint, Canva, Photoshop...


I love Constant Contact, and this is the only feature that really frustrates me. 



Grouping blocks together would be a tremendous feature. We also sometimes use the same content but shift its location and moving each block one by one is, as another user stated, tedious. 


Yes. please.


Looking for this feature as well. This would save me A LOT of time and frustration in my email building process. 


Still no solution from Constant Contact for what seems like an obviously useful layout design tool…  Constant Disappointment!


This is function we would REALLY like to see added. Please let us know when this is added. 

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