Send a customer an email that doesn't look like a solicitation! Clueless re: template change

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Hi @DonD165 are you receiving  emails through our system that appears to be solicitation? Or are you looking for a different type of email campaigns to send your contacts?


Reply from @DonD165:

I went back through 3 mos. of trash emails, which is how long I save before
purging! This all started when we went to do a draft of our weekly
information that's sent to all of our members, only to find that it wasn't
available. I was told that when calling in that an email had been sent
explaining the change, to which I don't have. I got lucky and got a very
knowledgeable person yesterday that led me through the whole process of
creating a new template, after talking the night before to someone with a
whole lot less knowledge and customer service skills that weren't up to
par, scaled with the latter.

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