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It would be nice (less frustrating) and more time efficient, if we were able to send an e-mail that's already been sent to another group. As it stands, once I send an e-mail out to a group, I am not able to send that same e-mail to another group unless I make a copy of it and send the new copy. I am able to send that e-mail to anybody new that I add to the existing group. What ends up happening is people get added into other groups just so I can send them the same e-mail. Is there any way this can happen? Thank you, Alexa Tarby
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Hi @AlexaT37  how does our current resend "to  contacts who have not received it before" feature or quicksend feature not fit your needs on this?

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That works when I add new people to a group. It does not work if I have updated their e-mail address. 


It also would be very helpful we could keep a template and use it over and over. I have new people join my mailing list and I send them an initial e-mail. In order to do this, I need to make a copy of that e-mail each time. It would be so much simpler and cleaner if I could use that same e-mail over and over to send to new groups. 


Hi @AlexaT37 our quicksend feature does allow you to resend a previously email to an updated email address or even a new contact without creating a new copy of your campaign. Users are able to choose from the last 20 sent emails that are under 85 days old, you are however unable to update the subject line previously used.

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That's good to know for resending to those who's e-mail addresses have been updated, or have shared with me that they didn't receive the e-mail (or see it). Can you enter the names of the contacts or do you need to enter their e-mail addresses? 


It would be nice to have a template that you can use regularly and update periodically without having to make a copy. That would be a very nice feature and make things extremely simple, organized, and save time. Please consider adding this feature.





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