Set margins and page breaks for PDFs

Set margins and page breaks for PDFs

I would like to be able to adjust the margins before downloading my ecampaign as a pdf.

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I need to export my newsletter campaign as a PDF so I can post to our web site. I've been using Word for years and Constant Contact seems very limited in what I can do. Any suggestions on exporting to PDF or some other format? I hate to keep copying to MS Word so I can create a PDF. I thought this was supposed to be easier, so far its not.

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Yes! Totally agree-please allow for more print options. I like to use the emails and events as posters to share with local businesses to post but often find printing an issue. Printing in legal and a4 would be helpful too.

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I've discovered a partial workaround for this. If you schedule an email to go out, a PDF will be generated which can then be downloaded or printed. Then you would just need to unschedule the email. 


I have an option that is not optimal but it worked for me. I downloaded my newsletter as a pdf, then went to one of those free converter apps, and converted it from a pdf to Word. It wasn't perfect, I still had to work with it but eventually I got pages that were the right size and formatted correctly, and I printed them. A note: before I signed up for CC, I asked if I could print my newsletter, knowing I would need print copies for a few board members, and they said, "Oh yes!" What they didn't say is that it would come out as a pdf so you couldn't change anything and the pages were always off. Live and learn!

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I need the ability to print off our newsletters to post on our bulletin board.  When will this be available? 

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Agree with the all comments about the need for a simple process for printing.


A question to the moderator/CC person .... Is there a template which limits the size to only one page i.e. I cannot put multiple images or text blocks that will exceed a standard 8 1'2" x 11" page or a8 1/2'x14"  or 11"x17" for those who have that capability.... or has a break feature which would make my email continue to another pull page, much like the page format/layout in a word processor.  If there was then making a pdf would be easy.


For others who want the WYSIWYG here is a trick i have used.  It's a kluge but ... you do what you have to.... Pull up the email in a preview or from the link when you send it out and then use a screen grab/snipping tool to grab the image.  Or a part of the image which will fit onto a page.

Use that image in any of the conventional office programs to create a page and then print - It's imperfect but you can get something to share with others.  If you have printers with multiple page size capability then maybe the 81/2"x14" or the 17x11 format will work perfectly.  


I think if there were a 'view ruler' option we could easily create our newsletters to break at the 11" mark for printing.

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After review the copy of our eNewsletter, it is quite challenging to have the pages break where they should. It truly is a source of annoyance. Printed pages are being cut off. There should be some manual to fix this problem. I can be reached at Thank you!