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Set margins and page breaks for PDFs

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Set margins and page breaks for PDFs

I would like to be able to adjust the margins before downloading my ecampaign as a pdf.


This is great feedback, thanks for posting!

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Is there a way to PDF the newsletter's we create here? It's difficult to share the document with someone who wants to contribute edits. Staff wants to be able to comment on content and layout. The only way to share this is via email and not as an attachment. Please let me know if there is a way to PDF the newsletter "as is."

Hi @AnnaS70

Thanks for posting this feedback! At this time, there is not a way to share the draft via PDF as you mentioned but if you sent the email to just one person you could share it using the short URL. This would still require that everyone "replied all" to pass back feedback if you were sending to more than one person.

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Within the update of Generation 3 Campaigns there is no longer an option to download/export a PDF file of the campaign statistics, whereas this was an option within the Generation 2 Campaigns. This was a really integral feature at my company that made measuring our data across the board of all campaigns sent more effective and efficient. I am hoping that changes can be made to the Generation 3 that will allow a downloadable PDF of campaign reports.

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I need to export my newsletter campaign as a PDF so I can post to our web site. I've been using Word for years and Constant Contact seems very limited in what I can do. Any suggestions on exporting to PDF or some other format? I hate to keep copying to MS Word so I can create a PDF. I thought this was supposed to be easier, so far its not.