Set margins and page breaks for PDFs

I would like to be able to adjust the margins before downloading my ecampaign as a pdf.


We still cannot print a copy of a campaign in PDF format that looks decent. Why hasn't this feature been improved?


I am also struggling with printing copies of the newsletter. Help! My pastor is old fashion and wants to shift to using publisher, and I want to continue to use Constant Contact. But I need to print a quality document to mail to the members of the congregation who don't have emails.


I would like to see a "page break" icon along with the spacer or divider icons in the building section.  It would work similar in that you drag it into the letter  but when viewed by a recipient on a computer or mobile device, they would see nothing different  but if they printed the newsletter, the pages would print starting a new page each time it came to the previously inserted page break.  We like to think our newsletters are informative to our customers and that they often may want to print them and it would be nice if the page breaks were not so "random" based on the amount of text on a page.  Obviously you could not force more text and photos on a page than would fit but it would allow me to create a letter that, when printed, would keep paragraphs together and would be easier to read when printed.  Somewhat like a book that starts a new chapter on the next page and not in the middle of one.  I think it would just look cleaner.  Obviously if the document is never printed by an end reader, they would not even be aware that the page breaks exist but to someone that prints it, I think it would be much more enjoyable to them.


Thanks for your consideration of this idea.

It would be nice to see while creating an email campaign how will the pages divide (beginning and end of page) when the email is printed. We have aging membership so we need to print a few hard copies every time and the printing has been horrible. Pictures cut in half, the background margins are huge and the text tiny etc... Thank you for considering!

Thank you for suggesting this!  We are going to have to start printing some of our e-mail campaigns and this feature would be very helpful!

I need to keep an archive PDF of my newsletters for customers who miss the email. The print feature really makes terrible pagination decisions--not allowing for margins, not keeping headlines with articles, allowing odd orphan lines. This really should be better. Please look into improving the print/save feature.
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