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Shame on management for shutting down operations at 8pm Pacific Time!

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Shame on management for shutting down operations at 8pm Pacific Time!

I'm still in shock over CC shutting down operations starting at 8pm Pacific time today!  It paralyzes my workflow and subscribers at this time.  Why can't they do their 'maintenance at 1am like all other companies???

CTCT Employee
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Hey @JohnN448, thanks for your feedback. I completely understand the frustration caused when you are unable to get what you need done. We do try to complete maintenances efficiently and with as little impact to our users as possible. While we have customers in many timezones, we do try to schedule the maintenances during times where it will affect as few people as possible. I'll definitely pass along your feedback regarding this and I do appreciate your patience as we worked to complete last night's maintenance. 

All Star

Thank you for your reply. I have paid subscribers who waited (on the east coast) for our audio replay email that didn't go out until 2 in the morning due to the maintenance that I'm guessing went longer than scheduled.

CTCT Employee

That is correct, our maintenance was unfortunately extended for 30 minutes longer than we anticipated. We do try to communicate this when it occurs by posting updates on our status page at I do apologize that it caused a delay in your campaign sending, we certainly try to avoid as much impact to our customers as possible.