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Show contact details in preview

Show contact details in preview

I like to send emails that begin Dear [First Name] [Last Name], but when I send a draft as a Test message to a few of my Contacts for review and editing, they only see Dear [My Name], not their name. I called CS and was told this is just how it works for a test message. It would be better if every part of a test email appeared just as it will in a a live send. I have accidentally sent several messages where I did not do the field name insertion correctly and everybody got addressed as [My Name]. This was embarrassing, and would not have happened if my Test messages had tested the insertion feature along with everything else. Thank you for considering this.

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Currently, when I upload a list that contains custom fields that will be merged into an email I can not preview it to ensure that the fields are properly set up. It would be great if there was a preview option.


Thanks for posting this feedback!

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What is the status on this?  I have the same issue.  I keep having to make create a dummy email and resend becuase there isn't a way to see that the merge is working properly before sending.    This would seem to be basic functionality for "preview."  

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1. when sending a test email. i need the ability to select a client to use live credentials to test with. Otherwise I have to send it live to test contact list. then make a copy (since i can't edit prior to resend) 2. I must have the ability to customize my links. If i had the ability to use a "html widget" like a text widget, i could then customize the title and link text while placing contact details in the href field. if non-power users break things. make an alert box scaring off non-power users (or have this functionality enabled when a power user calls in). Thank you,.

Any update on this?  MailChimp has a live preview for merges. I'll have to remove first name data since there is no preview. 

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How can we accurately preview and "test" using Constant Contact if they don't allow for contact details?? This is absurd and needs to be corrected imediately !!



any update on this? it is quite ridiculous to not be able to test or preview emails with variables in it

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When I send test emails for someone else to check, that person expects to see HIS name in the greeting, not mine.  The preview email appears to have an error.  If that person's email address is in my contact list, I think CC should grab the person's name so the email does appear as it will when it is received.