Show number of contacts during resending

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1. The resend button takes me to the wrong page with no option to get out of it about 60% of the time. I have to use a handheld device to resend then 2. I liked the old feature that told me how many new contacts on a list to resend. It doesn't anymore so I don't see who the resend goes to.

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Hi @KaseyC. I'll address both of your points separately.


1.  This is due to a # sign appearing in the name of your campaign. You can resend the email by going to the Email Details page and clicking the Resend Options button. 


2. I can see how this would be useful for you before resending the email. Right now, the number of contacts a campaign was resent to will show in your reporting after it has been completed. This idea is open for voting. 

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