Sorting campaigns

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When you sort in alpha order and see 40 at a time, you lose the ability to go to the next set of 40
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It looks like you were trying to develop a sleeker design with the new version. I find it less user-friendly now. It's actually more difficult to navigate and takes much longer to load. My "campaigns" are not listed in an order that makes sense - I have past sessions listed first and have to scroll down to see future sessions.

I am very, very disappointed with the new 3rd Generation Editor.  It is very difficult to create and edit emails.  It took me way too long to create an email to send out.  You did away with a lot of the functionality such as indenting, underlining, matching the format of a copy and paste from another document.  Also, a copied block of text wouldn't be held in the paste buffer in order to insert it into the text block.  I don't like that I have to create a new text block for everything I want to copy in.  Please go back to the previous editing scheme.

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